Our Staff

Our staff take pride in helping their pupils to achieve their personal best.  They enjoy working with pupils and other members of the community to create an exciting learning environment.

2019 Staff  
Veronica Sawers Principal 
Jo Jones Deputy Principal
Jo Hunter Assistant Principal 
Junior Syndicate  
Lindsey Dailly
Team Leader, New Entrant Teacher & SENCO (Room 6)
Fiona Vulu
Year 1/2 Teacher (Room 1) & Reading Recovery Teacher
Heather Campbell
Year 2 Teacher (Room 2)
Middle Syndicate  
Jo Jones Team Leader & Year 3/4 Teacher (Room 8) 
Eliana King Year 3/4 Teacher (Room 9) 
Christine Pullan Year 3/4 Teachers (Room 7) 
Senior/Upper Middle Syndicate  
Jess Challands Team Leader & Year 7/8 Teacher (Room 4) 
Nadene Maraku
Year 7/8 Teacher (Room 5)
Jo Hunter Year 5/6 Teacher (Room 12)
Sara Williams Year 5/6 Teacher (Room 11)
Sarah Chard Year 5/6 Teacher (Room 10)

Teaching Support    
Emma Dobbelaar Part time Teacher
Louise Poland Part time Teacher
Paula Gies Teacher Aide
Nicky Wills Teacher Aide
Michelle Wos Teacher Aide
Nici Berendsen Teacher Aide
Whaitiri Poutawa Maori tutor
Serena Zhou Mandarin Tutor
Michael Stebbings Choir Master
Support Staff  
Valerie Stallard School Secretary
Lisa Phillips Office Assistant
Sandra Keane Librarian and Communications Administrator
Clare Owen Finance and Payroll Administrator
Steve Keegan Caretaker
PPCS Cleaning Cleaner